Cesar Millan and his Bull Dog Daddy: The famous dog trainer from Dog Whisperer TV show

Cesar Millan with his dog Daddy. Cesar Millan is a famous dog trainer who has his own show on NGC (National Geographic Channel) called "The Dog Whisperer". Cesar trains dogs to be members of the pack and trains people to be pack leaders. His dog training methods are different from other trainers because he himself in fact becomes like a dog when he's working.

Below is a great picture of Cesar Millan and his dog Daddy. Daddy is a pit bull, and he's one of Cesar's favorite dogs. On the show, Cesar has many dogs he loves and cherishes, like Oliver, a spaniel, but his dog Daddy is special.

Update: Dog Daddy used to belong to rapper Redman, and he stayed with Cesar when Redman travels. Cesar raised Daddy since he was just four months old in a pack of rottweilers. Now Daddy belongs to Cesar for good!

Update: Sadly, Daddy passed away in February, 2010. Daddy was 16 years old.

Cesar's dog Daddy
Cesar's dog Daddy

Bull Dog Daddy is frequently featured on the Dog Whisperer TV show, and Cesar uses Daddy during his training as an example of a calm, submissive dog, even though Daddy is a fierce-looking pit bull.

cesar's bull dog Daddy with Junior
Cesar's bull dog Daddy with Junior

Cesar Millan and Daddy
Cesar Millan and his dog Daddy at a book signing. Picture credit goes to Puck90@Flicker.

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