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Who is behind Marshu.com? We started out as a hobby, which grew, year by year, into a large, informative collection on many different subjects.


What is Marshu.com measure of success? Our success is not something that can be easily measured by number of visitors and amount of hits. It's a measure of you, our users, who enjoy the site, read articles, use calculators, get to know firebird cars, munchkin cats, or just look at hundreds of photographs and read the articles. I would like to take this opportunity and thank each and every visitor for stopping by.


updates on marshu.com: Marshu.com contains a wealth of info acquired on a wide variety of subjects. Constant research adds articles, pictures & video - so come back often!


Contact Information: Please use the help center and contact us to send a quick message.


(last updated: January, 2021)

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