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    Online Calculators

  • Calculate Percent Increase
  • Calculate Percent Increase or Decrease Between Percentages
  • Percent Error Formula
  • Find Percent of Total
  • Calculate % of a Number
  • Calculate Salary Pay Raise Increase or Decrease
  • Calculate Greatest Common Factor GCF
  • Calculate Least Common Multiplier LCM
  • Calculate % of Many Numbers
  • Find Square Root of a Number
  • Calculate Minutes in Hours
  • Calculate Hours in Minutes
  • Addition Calculator
  • Subtraction Calculator
  • Multiplication Calculator
  • Division Calculator


    US Paper currency and US Mint coins

  • Presidents on money
  • Presidents on coins
  • Prime Ministers on Canadian dollar bills and coins
  • Most expensive paper money: Grand Watermelon

    Clothing & Shoes

  • Vera Wang Wedding Gown: Make your own
  • SAS Shoes and Sandals
  • Liz and Me: as a women's plus size clothing line, Liz & Me is simply terrific
  • Okabashi Shoes and Sandals with reflexology sole
  • Kathryn La'Croix Wedding Gowns


  • Crazy Machines Game Level Solutions - just added levels 51 through 60!
  • Crazy Machines Level 11 solution
  • Crazy Machines Level 16 solution
  • Crazy Machines Level 20 solution
  • Tap Store: iPhone App Guide to experience, inspiration, money earning tips, plus hints and clothes chart

    Keep your Plants Healthy

  • My Madagascar dragon tree: care, watering & healthy growing
  • Coming Soon: Hibiscus 'Snow Queen' Tree Indoor and Outdoor Care

    Home and Travel

  • Coop & Condo Income Ratio, Rules, Pets and Interview - how to apply and pass!
  • Royal Caribbean Nordic Empress of the Seas Cruise Ship to Bermuda Review

    Body and Soul

  • Delonghi Ceramic Heater review
  • Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel
  • Hot Tools Curling Irons
  • Woodstock Chimes: Care, Hang, LIsten and get parts
  • Acuvue Moist 1 day Contact Lenses Review & Wear Tips


  • Moissanite Engagement Ring and Moissanite Jewelry on Budget
  • Sonia Bitton Jewelry Collection: Galerie De Bijoux
  • Carlo Viani jewelry: Turquoise Rings
  • Turquoise Jewelry and Natural Stones

    Project Runway

  • Project Runway Season 1 Winner: Jay

    American Idol

  • Sanjaya on American Idol - Besame mucho translated lyrics
  • American Idol First 5 Winners Game

    Amazing Race

  • Amazing Race TV Show: Guide, Season Reviews
  • Travelocity Gnome Home
  • "Guess Who Won?" Amazing Race Winners Game

    TV Animated Shows

  • Family Guy Show Review
  • Family Guy Transcript
  • Family Guy Voices
  • Family Guy Ratings
  • The Simpsons Voices: Who's Who?
  • South Park Voices: Who's Who?

    TV & Movies

  • Saturday Night Live: Saturday Night Live Digital short: Lazy Sunday
  • Saturday Night Live Digital short "Lazy Sunday" Lyrics
  • Saturday Night Live Nut Growers Sketch with Horatio Sanz and Jessica Simpson
  • Lost - TV Show on ABC: Washer and Dryer Conspiracy
  • Drive-In Movie Theaters
  • Song from Avis TV Commercial by DMX
  • Kourtney Brown from My Games Fever

    Website Content & Development

  • Website Hosting help for small, personal websites
  • Content Management Guide
  • Google Adsense Help: how to fix an ad block showing just one out of 4 possible ads
  • How to Make Screencaps from movies/clips on your computer


  • How to Groom a Longhaired Cat
  • Bag Balm for Cats: helps heal irritations on paw pads
  • "Da Bird" Cat Toy by Go-Cat - One of the best cat toys
  • Picnic Style Basket Cat Carrier - pet carrier basket
  • Fusaichi Pegasus: 6th Fastest Racehorse in the World


  • 2018 Toyota Camry - over 5 weeks Toyota reveals the new 8th generation car just before 2017 Detroit Auto Show.
  • My Sports Car: Auto Insurance high premiums story
  • EV1 GM's Electric Car


  • Fried Cabbage Recipe

    America's Next Top Model

  • America's Next Top Model Show Fan Page: Winners, Portfolios, Pictures And Best Of Season Cycle Photos
  • America's Next Top Model Season 1 Winner: Adrianne
  • America's Next Top Model Season 2 Winner: Yoanna
  • America's Next Top Model Season 3 Winner: Eva
  • America's Next Top Model Season 4 Winner: Naima
  • America's Next Top Model Season 5 Winner: Nicole
  • America's Next Top Model Season 6 Winner: Danielle (Dani)
  • America's Next Top Model Season 7 Winner: Caridee
  • America's Next Top Model Season 8 Winner: Jaslene
  • America's Next Top Model Season 9 Winner: Saleisha
  • America's Next Top Model Season 9: Rock Climbing
  • America's Next Top Model Season 10 Winner: Whitney
  • America's Next Top Model Season 11 Winner: McKey
  • America's Next Top Model Season 12 Winner: Teyona
  • America's Next Top Model Season 13 Winner: Nicole
  • America's Next Top Model Season 14 Winner: Krista
  • America's Next Top Model Season 15 Winner: Ann
  • America's Next Top Model Season 16 Winner is Brittani
  • America's Next Top Model Season 17 is 'All Star' Winner is Lisa
  • America's Next Top Model Season 18 British Invasion Winner is Sophie
  • America's Next Top Model Season 19 College Edition Winner is Laura
  • America's Next Top Model Season 20 or 2.0 Girls vs Guys Edition Winner is Jourdan



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    car pontiac firebird WS6

  • Pontiac Firebird WS6 Pictures: 8 years and 2 car stripe designs
  • Car Modifications - 2 Stripe Sets: my car's 2 sets of hood and spoiler stripes, graphics, body moldings, tint - all about mods
  • Firebird Red 30th anniversary firebird car stripe package - full write-up, info and close-ups
  • Blue GMMG Blackbird car stripes - hood and unique spoiler tips
  • Full details on GMMG BlackBird Firebird Pontiac Car Package

    Firebird Car Production Numbers: 

  • Firebird, Camaro and Corvette Production numbers: Firebird, Camaro, Corvette build numbers with color breakdowns and special editions (WS6, Yellow 35th anniversary, etc)

    Firebird Car TV Ad Commercials

  • Firebird TV Commercials: watch extremely rare TV ads for WS6 Firebird
  • Video 'Boo' TV Firebird TV Commercial Ad
  • Video 'Firebird' Firebird TV Commercial Ad
  • Video 'Hungry' Firebird TV Commercial Ad
  • Video 'Mt Dew' Firebird Trans Am TV car commercial
  • Also learn how to make screencaps from movies/clips on your computer
  • Camaro and Firebird Car Wrecks collected over 5 years on car forums
  • RPO codes and Manual: 4th gen firebird owner manual (also good for camaro), firebird parts manual and full RPO code list
  • WS6-Only Firebird Trans Am Rims - 3-spoke salad shooter rim design
  • Car Forums Reviews: written by me -,,, (great resources)
  • My Car's Photoshops - these chops are great if you've never seen a firebird photoshop before
  • Other Fast Cars: exotics, domestics, muscle cars, concepts
  • Firebird and Camaro Discontinued production - firebird and camaro killed by GM in 2002. Replaced by Pontiac GTO and Chevy Camaro 2010.
  • GM factory lot in Canada with 30th anniversary Trans Am Ram Air Firebirds

    cat munchkin polydactyl

  • Polydactyl (Hemingway) Cats
  • Munchkin Cat Breed Explained and additional Information
  • My Cat Pictures (100+ cat pictures and updated often)
  • Bag Balm for Cats: helps heal irritations on paw pads
  • Longhaired Cat Grooming Tips - for longhair cat owners
  • "Da Bird" Cat Toy by Go-Cat - One of the best cat toys
  • Mapping of the Cat Brain
  • Cat forums review
  • Cat Show - pictures from the CFA cat show
  • Cat Toys: furniture, catnip, food & treats
  • Silica Cat Litter - FreshMagic Silica Crystals
  • Cat Resources - help with cat education and health


    fixes, tricks and Tips

  • Computer tips, tricks and fixes - anything from fixing your browser, to your office programs
  • Toyota Car CD Stereo Radio Player Frozen Blank Screen Fix
  • Blackberry - Wait for Device Initialization
  • iTunes "Disk burner or software not found" fix, iTunes error 2510
  • iTunes 4450 error fix
  • Windows Message: "Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access"
  • Fix view source in IE: When you click view source nothing opens up
  • Reason: 554 mail server permanently rejected message - Email Returned to sender fix
  • Microsoft keyboard custom programmable keys fix when they do not work
  • Microsoft Excel opens each new worksheet in the same window fix
  • How to create email link with subject text

    canary & goldfish

  • American singer and red bronze canaries
  • Goldfish Care, goldfish food


    picture collection

  • Huge Cars Collection: exotics, supercars, muscle cars, concepts, future cars
  • Wrecks, Crashes and Accidents: Boats, Cars, RVs, Bikes
  • Camaro and Firebird Car Wrecks collected over many years from real drivers
  • Car Wheelies
  • Crashed Police Car Accidents and Police Car Wrecks
  • GM factory lot in Canada - a rare picture of a lot of WS6 Firebird 30th anniversary models

  • Sailboat Hotel - Burj Al Arab - the world's only 7 star hotel located on a small man-made island located in the city of Dubai in Arab Emirates
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel - a rare look inside
  • Tiger Woods playing golf on helipad of Burj Al Arab Hotel
  • Andre Agassi and Roger Federer practicing tennis on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

  • Stress Test the level of stress a person can handle by looking at images

  • GM Chevrolet Corvette Concepts: Fin Car, Retro Version Car
  • GM Pontiac Firebird Concepts
  • GM Chevrolet Camaro Concepts, including new 2006 concept car
  • Mega Monte Carlo Concept Car

  • Best of photoshop contests: updated and originals
  • The Week in Pictures Collection Best of the Best
  • My Firebird TransAM WS6 Car Photoshops

  • NJ Sunset: New Jersey Sunset
  • Sun: Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope - EIT Sun Image
  • Hubble Telescope in Flight, Floating in Space
  • Jupiter: Great Red Spot
  • Saturn Revealed as a Blue Planet

  • Cesar Millan and Daddy: host of Dog Whisperer TV Show

  • CFA Cat Show Pictures
  • Deep Freeze Picture - Lake Geneva frozen - in Switzerland
  • Iraq Sand Storm Pictures
  • Great Horned Owl - eye close up shots
  • Iceberg below water picture

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