Del Worsham Funny Car Accident

Del Worsham Funny Car Accident: Del Worsham has been racing for 10 years in NHRA Funny Car competitions. Del Worsham has also found his way onto the highlight reels with spectacular car engine explosions. During the 2003 incident in Reading, PA, Del detonated a motor at the finish line during round one.

Here's what Del Worsham said: "The whole thing last year was just unbelievable," Worsham said. "We were cruising down there, got the win light, and then all I saw was orange fire followed by daylight. The body just disintegrated and as it flew off all four wheels were off the ground. There was a great picture on the internet, showing the car right as it blew up. (Picture below) The only thing making contact with the track is the weight bar on the front. If we're going to be all over the internet again this year, I'd rather it be for winning the race."

del worsham
Del Worsham

del worsham funny car accident with engine explosion
Del Worsham funny car accident

funny car
Del Worsham Race Car

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