Race track race car Accident

RaceTrack Car Accident : Race Tracks and cars have been synonymous with car accidents and car carshes for years. With the advent of the car, new racetracks came into existence, designed to suit the nature of powered cars.

The earliest racetracks started in 1905. The original Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the very first racetrack opened. Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened it's first race in August, 1909. Celebration quickly turned into into accident filled maddness. Terrible racetrack injuries to the race car drivers and spectators were abound. Cars caught fire and races was halted and canceled when only halfway completed due to terrible car crashes.

Carl G. Fisher, who was a former race car driver, took racetrack safety serously. Eventually, his work led to a substantial additional improvements to the race track's surface with more than 3 million paving bricks, and gave the track its popular nickname, "The Brickyard".

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racetrack car accident

race track car accident

race car accident

racecar accident

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