sailboat hotel: Inside burj al arab 7 star hotel in dubai, arab emirates

Inside the Hotel: Burj Al Arab sailboat hotel in Dubai, it looks like a boat sailing the ocean

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubail is the ONLY existing 7-star luxury hotel in the entire world. The interior of the Burj is covered with 86,114 feet of 22-carat gold leaf. The outside of Burj Al Arab Sailboat Hotel is just as stunning as the inside.

Of course, you can't talk about Burj Al Arab Hotel without mentioning Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods played golf on top of Burj Al Arab hotel, and that's where the famous images of him hitting golf balls into the ocean from the helicopter pad came from. He was playing on the sailboat hotel helipad, practicing for a golf tournament.

Burj Al Arab Hotel also hosted Andre Agassi and Roger Federer, who practiced tennis on the helipad of the hotel before the Dubai Duty Free $1 Million Men’s Open in February, 2005.

Burj Grand Entrance Lobby

Hotel's Private Dining Room

inside Burj Al Arab Hotel
top floor dining room
sitting room
grand entrance

Bedrooms at the Burj Al Arab Hotel


private dining room
living room in a suite
view outside
hotel pool
spa and pool

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