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Best of Photoshops: On, photoshops are listed on the main page, under 'photoshop' tag.

What is fark? posts the best of the best (cream of the crop) news articles submitted by it's readers for 48 hours on it's main page, and 7 days in the archives. There are about 50 links/day. Users can then read and comment on the articles. It's a great site, and throughout the day, users of the site (anybody can register) find amusing, funny, silly, stupid, serious articles on the internet and submit them WITH A FUNNY TAGLINE for listing on

photoshop contests: photoshop contents are legendary. It's a real GEM! If you're going to do anything, it's worthwhile to spend at least a few min a day going through the day's contents - usually, there will be 2-3. The best photo shoppers have what's called a TotalFark account. They pay $5/month to see the contest in queue about 3-4 days before it's displayed on the main page. Thus, they get a jump-start on the rest of the users with their own creations. Of course, the best part is the voting. All users get to vote on what they think is the best photoshopped image. Fark photoshop winner is seleted by the number of votes they've recieved. The best photoshoppers are there to display their skills! The winner gets to revel in his/her glory and be forever remembered in archives.

How photoshop entries put together: Below, you will find the BEST of the BEST, as judged by yours truly (remember, what's funny to me, may not be funny to you). I include the original pictures and best photoshops. I do not provide a link back to the contests, because often the pictures get pulled due to high bandwidth usage and the contest becomes meaningless when best entries are gone. All pictures shown here are saved on my server, THEY WON'T DISSAPEAR so enjoy!

fark photoshop contest


Fark Photoshop: Military vehicle towing a artillery cannon strikes a pick-up truck.


"Bang!" Paper Banner

fark photoshop - road accident

Admiral Ackbar: "It's a Trap - I'm Trapped!"

fark photoshop - ackbar i'm trapped!

Fark Photoshop Theme: Miniature golf obstacles we'd like to see

This photoshop is not as funny as it is clever. The street featured here is a famous spot in San Francisco.


fark photoshop

Fark Photoshop the big discovery scientists have been hiding from us because, as a society, we're not ready for it

fark photoshop - the big discovery

fark photoshop - e=mc2

Fark Photoshop Contest: Inappropriate Children commercials

fark photoshop - electricity tickles

fark photoshop - candy flavored medicine

Modern warfare with old machinery contest - this was my favorite photo shop!

fark photoshop - modern warfare

Please don't kill me, i'm a canadian button - from a canadian slogan contest!

fark photoshop - please don't kill me, i'm a canadian

Hollywood's going in - coming out machine.

fark photoshop - hollywood

fark photoshop - election

Dial-up nerds - simpsons parody (love this one - it's an animated, slowed-down gif!)

Photoshop this graph of federal funds rates




Baseball fan who ruined cub's chances - doing more mischief  fark photoshop - cub fan hindenberg
Schwarzenegger in 'it's not a tuba'  fark photoshop - schwarzenegger - it's not a tumor
Where did computers designs come from? 

fark photoshop - computer design

fark photoshop - coffee dell

Original rugby image and fark photoshop


fark photoshop - soccer


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