iraq sand storm pictures

iraq Sand Storm: Iraq sand storm moved across the western desert of Iraq on April 26, 2005. The sand storm was spawned near the border of Syria and Jordan. Forward Operating Base Korean Village experienced tornadoes around 2 p.m. The Iraq sand storm moved in a northeasterly direction until it reached Al Asad, around 6:45.

Weather forecasters described the sand storm as a downburst. "A downburst is a strong downdraft resulting in an outward burst of damaging winds at ground level". The ensuing Iraq sand storm increased energy as the winds pushed over the desert, which created a wall of dirt.

As the Iraq sand storm moved closer the sky changed to a shade of orange until total darkness blanketed the ground. The storm passed over in about 45 minutes, leaving a heavy sheet of dust in its wake. Forecaster say the wall of dust may have reached 4,000 to 5,000 feet.

This dust storm was a spectacular sight and may look worse than it actually was. No one was injured and no equipment was damaged here.

iraq sand storm

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