NJ Sunset - New Jersey Sun setting over the Mountains

Spectacular NJ sunset over the mountains in New Jersey. This is the first picture in a series of spectacular sunsets I'm going to present. This picture is a stitch of 3 individual digital camera shots taken from a balcony 10 stories high in August of 2006, around 7-8pm at night.

The sky is absolutely blue and the sunset is encompassing the whole sky. Notice the stretched out clouds and their white color. Also, the shape of the clouds is outstanding, with long, clean lines and stretching out to the horizon. New Jersey is not necessarily known for it's mountains or it's beautiful sunsets, but I'm here to change this stereotype.

The sun typically takes from 45min to 1 hour to fully set. The sun setting may be shorter or longer, depending on the cloud cover. Here in NJ, while the sun is setting, it may light the sky in all kinds of colors and change the look of the sky completely from one minute to the next.

NJ sunset (new jersey)

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