test level of stress you can handle using stress pictures: are they animated, moving?

this stress test uses the rotating stress pictures to test the level of stress a person can handle: To test yourself, look at animated pictures below. For a normal person, they should all move at a slow pace, barely rotating.


The slower the pictures rotate, the better your ability of handling stress: Allegedly, criminals see stress test images moving and spinning around madly, while seniors and children see them still. If you still think that there's a trick here, you may wish to print it (even black and white) and by then you'll be sure that it's a still picture - these are not animated pictures of stress testing.


Moving stress test picture #1 "Flowers" rotate in opposite directions

online animated stress test
click to view actual stress test image #1: Flowers


Look at them again and check your level of stress. The moving picture stress test will do the rest! I showed these stress test animated pictures to a lot of people and heard many responses, it seems that the average speed for most people is very, very slow rotation. There are 3 handling stress pictures below.

Moving stress test Picture #2 "Seeds" : Clearly 3 rotating columns

stress test moving picture
click to view actual stress test image #2: Seeds


bookmark this Page and come back here in a state of rage or anxiety and test the pictures again and be surprised by what you see!


Stress test Picture #3 "Leaves" : odd Diagonal waves

test level of stress
click to view actual stress test image #3: Leaves

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