Blackberry - Wait for Device Initialization - message wait time

How long to wait for blackberry message - wait for device initialization - to clear?

Recently, I had to reinstall software on my Blackberry (see screenshot below) and was stuck for a good half hour on WAIT FOR DEVICE INITIALIZATION. At first, I thought my Blackberry Curve was frozen, but I walked away and when I came back, the" wait for device initialization" on my Blackberry Curve had cleared with a checkmark!

The error I was trying to solve on my Blackberry - missed call icon which would not go away. It said I missed two calls for the past month, all the time. None of the other fixes worked - some suggested clearing call history, others to clear all message history. Finally, I had to go to Blackberry website and download a new OS, and that installation fixed my Blackberry problem.

Here's a second tip - when you get to last step: "restore device data", your Blackberry will beep and go black... hit any key and enter your password, the Blackberry will not light up and prompt you - plus, there's no prompt on the application loader screen.

blackberry: wait for device initialization

Blackberry: wait for device initialization

Other messages on Blackberry's Updating your device screen and how much time each too. In total, the whole process took about 1 and a half hour.

  • Connect to device - very long! At least 15min.
  • Back up device data - about 5min
  • Back up third-party applications - about 5min
  • Connect to the device ROM - quick
  • Read device system configuration - quick
  • Load JVM and system software - LONG, another 10min
  • Wait for device initialization - quick
  • Read Java application configuration - quick
  • Load Java applications - LONG, another 10min
  • WAIT FOR DEVICE INITIALIZATION (this is the one which takes up to 30minutes)
  • Restore device data - about 10min. My Blackberry came back with an error message on this step. I had to stop installation and go into Blackberry Desktop Manager to continue the restore process.

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