cannot open volume for direct access: fix inside

Error message: Cannot Open Volume for direct access - CHKDSK error

If you scheduled a check disk command on a Windows machine and the next time you restart your computer you got the "Cannot open volume for direct access" error, here's a fix.

The error most likely comes from a program called "Spyware Doctor".

    1. Exit from Spyware Doctor (to exit from Spyware Doctor please right click on the Spyware Doctor icon in the notification area (next to the clock on the Windows taskbar) and select Exit from the menu that appears)

    2. Delete the file 'ikhlayer.sys' from c:\windows\system32\drivers\

    3. Restart Spyware Doctor Chkdsk, defrag and error-checking should now work."

That's it, you should not get the "cannot open volume for direct access" anymore.

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