Fix view source: how to restore view source function in internet explorer if you cannot view source in IE

Cannot view source in IE (internet explorer) - How to fix view source command in IE

Cannot View Source: It happened to you: no matter which internet site you're viewing, when you click view source, you cannot view source, there's no notepad pop-up.

Solution 1: new Update: This sounds strange, but if you have a shortcut to Notepad on your desktop, it will prevent you from viewing source. In order to fix the problem, delete the shortcut to notepad on your desktop and try the view source command again.

Solution 2: It seems "view source" is affected when the cache gets too large in size. Internet Explorer takes the source from the Temporary Internet Files folder to the folder specified by the TMP environment variable. Refer to Microsoft article Q179829 for more information about this. Delete the Temporary Internet Files. In the Tools menu, open Internet Options.... In the General tab, in the Temporary Internet files section, click on Delete Files


restore view sourceIE: Internet Exlorer, restore view source

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