Microsoft Excel opens new worksheets in the same window

Microsoft Excel displays new worksheet tabs in the same window - resulting in many tabs in one open window if more than one file is open.


My Problem: Microsoft Excel opens each new worksheet in the same window.


I want each new file to open in a new Excel program window, so that each new worksheet excel does not open in the same window.


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MIcrosoft Excel


Solution: To fix this, you need to tell Excel that you want each new window to open separately from your old file.


Click on Options or Click on Microsoft 'Ball' in top Left Corner >> click "View" or "Excel Options" >> Click "Advanced" >> CHECK "Windows in Task Bar" or "Show All Windows in the Taskbar"


See Screenshot below for how to fix your own Microsoft Excel worksheet windows to open in same taskbar!


That's it!


microsoft excel opens new worksheets in same window fix

Step by step: how to set up Microsoft Excel to open each new worksheet in same PC window.


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