microsoft wireless keyboard custom programmable keys do not work - fix inside

microsoft wireless keyboard custom keys Fix

I found this problem while doing my own wireless keyboard and mouse setup - and frankly had a tough time figuring out what was wrong, especially since I could not locate the fix through online searches, even though I went through dozens of forum postings.

Problem - Microsoft wireless keyboard: programmable custom keys do not work, while the keyboard is still functional.

Solution: The fix I found for this problem is too simple. Microsoft wireless keyboards come with double wire connectors: a USB and a PS/2 plug at the end of the keyboard wire. When I connected my Microsoft Wireless Elite Keyboard and Mouse Combo, I skipped the instructions and connected both the USB and PS/2 connectors.

The CORRECT way to do plug in a microsoft Wireless keyboard is to plug in EITHER USB or PS/2 conenctors, but not both. If you plug in both, the custom keys on keyboard will not work.

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