Toyota Car Stereo CD Radio Player Frozen Blank Screen Fix with Pictures

How to fix A frozen Toyota Car Radio Screen. My Toyota car is 3 years old, and I have experienced various frozen, blank or illegible CD player screens throughout these years. Usually the Toyota's car stereo screen freezes on very hot or very cold days. At the same time, the cd player in my toyota will start ejecting all my CDs and will usually still play radio, just with no ability to change stations.

The fix for Toyota's car Stereo frozen screen - a facepalm to the faceplate!

A tip offered at the car dealership that shall remain nameless said it all - next time this happens, put a nice smack right in the middle of the screen, but don't punch the car's frozen screen - gently palm it.

I tried it myself the last time the car's stereo screen froze up - I put a nice hit on the car's stereo screen and it started to work like a charm!

Toyota Car CD Stereo Radio Player Blank Screen Fix Picture
Toyota Car CD Stereo Radio Player with illegible frozen screen

I love my Toyota, in the years I've owned it, I never had to do any extra repairs except regular scheduled maintenance and tires... these frozen car CD screens are so out of character for the incredible reliability of the car.

Toyota Car CD Stereo Radio Player Frozen Blank Screen Fix Picture
Toyota Car CD Stereo Radio Player with Frozen screen

toyota car stereo normal screen
Toyota Car CD Stereo Radio Player with normal screen

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