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The privacy of visitors to is important to us. Transparency is our number one goal. Please read below very carefully. Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on user's prior visits to this website and other websites.


We use Google's advertising cookie. Google's Advertising Cookie enables Google and its partners to serve ads to website users based on their visit to our site and/or other sites on the Internet.

Google will show only non-personalized ads to our website visitors from the EEA. To put it simply, EEA visitors only allowed non-tracking cookie with no personal information attached to serve non-personalized ads.

Users may opt out of advertising by visiting Ads Settings.

For in depth, please read Google Privacy & Terms: How Google Uses Cookies

Also, please read Google's Privacy & Terms: Privacy Policy



We use Google Analytics because better understanding of how visitors are interacting with our website helps us to improve the content, design and functionality of our site. This allows us to offer a better online experience to our visitors.

Google Analytics is Google’s analytics tool that helps website and app owners to understand how their visitors engage with their properties. It may use a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the ‘_ga’ cookie.

Google Analytics will not identify users or facilitate the merging of personally identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected through any Google advertising product or feature.

Google Analytics' currently available opt-outs for the web.




Emails shared with us for purposes of e-newsletter are never going to be sold, shared or in any way given away to 3rd party.


(last reviewed: December, 2021)
(last updated: December, 2021)
(original creation: 2009)

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