Da Bird Cat Flier Toy and Shammy Lammy Sheepskin Mouse Cat Toy

All cat toys reviewed are purchased with my own money, these purchases came from local stores and all over the internet. I can truly recommend these, so please enjoy the cat toys and cat site reviews!

Simply the best cat toy: da bird cat flier

Number One and the best Cat Toy: Da Bird Cat Toy - the best hands down. Cats cannot resist it. It's a flyer, as simple as a two feathers tied to a rope on a stick. My cat Marsh loves his to death. To save money, I buy attachments directly from Go-Cat, 12 at a time. It's only $36 for 12 feathers, a great price. Truthfully, there're NO better cat toy around.

Read more about Go-Cat - Makers of Da Bird cat toy or visit their website @ Go-Cat Toys. The website is old, but they have the best price if you buy 12 at a time.

cat carrying da bird cat flyer toy See Pictures of my cat Marsh playing with Da Bird cat toy

Best Cat Toy: Go-Cat Da Bird  da bird cat toys
Best Cat Toy: Go-Cat Da Bird

Best Mouse Cat Toy: "Shammy Lammy" Sheepskin Cat Mouse Toy

Fantastic mouse cat toy! Recently, I found this toy is no longer available for purchase, in stores or online. I used to buy them at my local PetGoods stores. It was about $5. I think what makes this toy super-attractive to a cat is the smell of the sheep skin.

I play a game with my cat - all 3 of my mice I hide around the house in tough to find places. On low shelves behind books, with just a tail sticking out, stuck in couch cushions, under pillows, etc. He'll find the mouse, bring it to my bedroom and leave it next to my bed. Next day, we start again.

cat playing with mouse toy My cat Marsh playing with Shammy Lammy sheepskin mouse toy

cat playing with shammy lammy sheepskin mouse toy My cat catching sheepskin mouse toy on a string

sheepskin mouse cat toy shammy lammy mouse cat toy 
Mouse Cat Toy: Shammy Lammy Sheepskin mouse

Great cat websites:

(new) PetFoodDirect.com - great prices if you catch a good coupon - so make sure to sign up for their emails. Best to combine both a discount on food and a coupon, that way you can save even more. They deliver very quickly, everything is always fresh. PetFoodDirect.com

Dr. Foster and Smith cat supplies: Doctor Foster and Smith cat products are excellent, beyond belief. Great furniture, sturdy, well-made, quality throughout. Some toys are pricey, but not too bad. Shipping is always a big sum, so try to place big orders, not a bunch of small ones. Dr. Foster and Smith coupon offers are not-existent, never offered period. You're better off looking for clearance or sale items, but truthfully, just see a product you like and buy it. See Dr. Foster and Smith website. They also carry great eye cleaning pads and teeth cleaning pads, they're so much easier to use then the toothbrush.

The Cat Connection.com: - excellent online store, have purchased a lot of items from them, they're very good and customer service is excellent. "Cat Connection prides itself on being the best in the industry. We carry the best in cat supplies, cat food, cat litter, and so much more. Our cats-only boarding and grooming departments are maintained and operated by professionals who truly care and understand how to properly care for your cat while they are with us."

CatToys.com: - I love this web site, i purchased quite a few things from it, and the service has been impeccable. "You'll find wonderfully unique cat toys and accessories for your cats. Shop by Breed or Personality, you will be pleased with our products, selection and service."

PetSmart.com: Believe it or not, petsmart has some of the best CAT FOOD prices around. Look for no shipping coupons or 20% off sales.

Cat Fiesta Furniture - ok, inexpensive. Look o ut for sales and you can't go wrong. I got a very nice piece and i'm happy with it. It's about a year old now, but could have help up better... on the other hand, the price was VERY cheap. But, if you're looking for quality, look elsewhere.

PetFoodDirect.com - good food at OK prices. If you shop locally and see a sale - grab it, it will most likely be cheaper than this online store. But as is, has foods you cannot find anywhere else.

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