Car Forum Reviews:,,, - LS2 is an online community focused around GM Gen III and Gen IV small-block V8 motors (LS1/LS2/LS6), which are mainly found in the Corvette, Firebird, Camaro, and GTO product lines, as well as in Chevy and GMC trucks. car forum

LS2.COM opened for business on February 16th, 2004 and quickly became one of the fastest growing message boards on the internet.

Within, notable forums: Bar-n-Grill, B & G Classics, LS1/LS6 How To.. Methods & Procedures, LS1/LS6 General Discussion & Help
, Eastern, Appearance & Body Mods.

update: user database, all posts and bb have been deleted by isp for non-payment! (august, 2005)

Years upon years of the most valuable pontiac and chevrolet information and posts have been wiped out. The forum is still out there, but just a skeleton remains. The story is this: Brad, owner of, did not pay the hosting bill for some time, and the site and all the forums databases have been deleted from the ISP hosting server for non-payment. All users prior to August 2005 have been deleted as well, so if you did exist on the forum, had a post count and prior posts, they are gone as well, and everyone needs to re-register. What a shame! Do not support and do not re-register, the forum's is now long gone. Please either go to or car forum - LS1 is your source for LS1 Performance Information.  During your visit, please be sure to visit the forum.  Here you will find open discussion topics ranging from auto detailing to nitrous and supercharger applications for the LS1 F-Body.  Visit the site often for constantly changing information and site exclusive features such as the Featured LS1.   This forum is also a great source to find pontiac trans-am car clubs in your area.

Within, notable sections: LS1 General Help Get help with your LS1 problems and installs; LS1 Technical Complete Archive This contains a broad range of topics on the LS1. It is our history. If it was asked and answered, it is in here! Good Hunting; LS1 Sightings Where did you see an LS1; Eastern Members The beasts from the East! Ahead on the time zones and ahead on the dragstrip; The One That Didn't Get Away Kill Stories Note: This Forum contains stories that may be associated with street racing. LS1.COM does not endorse that activity in any way.

Why two car forums? - and What happened to was once a mighty forum with well over 30,000 members. But the management didn't handle the forum and it's moderators in the nicest of ways, in addition, mishandling finances of the site. When this happened, in Feb. of 2004, the main and most active group of split and formed, which has since eclipsed the original in popularity. While there is a split, is still a great recourse for all kinds of f-body information, and might have a stronger archive to help members with technical repairs and to buy/sell parts. car forum
LS1Tech, a very popular, busy technical forum for all things LS1/LT1, Invaluable for a car nut. is a worthwhile visit, I belong to it as well. ls1tech car forum
CorvetteForum, home of Corvette enthusiasts on the net, I'm a member of the Corvette Forum, it's a great site for corvette enthusiasts, in fact, it's the best one out there if you're a Chevrolet Corvette owner. corvetteforum

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