my car pontiac firebird with 30th anniversary car stripes

my car's pontiac firebird 30th anniversary stripe set is my favorite.

Red 2-tone 30th car stripes - a copy of a blue 30th car strires from 1999 WS6 Anniversary package released by GM for Firebird Cars

  • Two red car stripes on WS6 hood with firebird 'screaming chicken' car logos at the end of each stripe
  • Two vinyl car stripes on trans am spoiler
  • Two red back deck car stripes
  • Two red Trans Am car emblems on sides to match the 30th stripes (ordered separately from dealer)
  • Two red t-top roof car stripes
  • Red RAM AIR lettering on the sides of the car hood scoops
  • Back " P O N T I A C " car letters filled in with red vinyl cutouts to color-match the 30th stripes color exactly
The rest of the car modification list to round out the changes:
  • Front license car plate frame - says USA; done after 9/11 - WE WILL NEVER FORGET
  • Removed all side car moldings - I have seen numerous pictures of this modification, and have finally convinced myself that the car will look much cleaner without them - and it does

I will also be glad to help and sort out any car questions you may have. Car stripes were custom-cut at a great design shop locally, if you contact me, I will gladly recommend them! Just recently I added a cut-out view of all the stripes in this set - see last picture on this page.

Finally, contact me if you own a WS6 car and need more info or pricing details. I also had a Blue GMMG Pontiac Firebird Blackbird car stripe set on my car at one time, for about a year and a half. Please browse below and see the full car pictures of this stripe set.

pontiac firebird 30th annivesary red car stripes

30th anniversary car stripes for trans am ws6 hood. Good front view of the car hood stripes. You can clearly see the detail involved. Also, you can see the side 'RAM AIR' car letters, also in red.

full view of car stripe set

Full view of the set. Includes front hood car stripes, back car stripes, red car emblems on the side and no car moldings.

rear view of car stripe set

Rear car stripes. I purposefully made them fatter than the original 30th blue set, i think it makes the car stripes look better. You can also see the T-roof detail as well - same red car stripes on the top. You can also see the PONTIAC lettering in the car bumper.

firebird with 30th anniversary car stripes

Good view of firebird with 30th anniversary car stripes.

firebird emblem on front of car stripe

A close up of the hood car stripes. A classic screaming chicken firebird car logo! This shows the detail at the end of each front car stripe.

red car stripes on pontiac firebird

Red side Trans Am car emblems.

pontiac firebird 30th anniversary stripes layout all

Pontiac Firebird 30th Anniversary Stripe set layout - all pieces. You can take this picture of a stripe set to a local stripe shop. Your car will be measured and similar set will be cut.

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