Pontiac Production numbers: GM firebird, camaro, corvette car production build numbers with model, color and special edition breakdowns

Comprehensive build number lists for GM Firebird, Camaro and Corvette are compiled over years of car research and painstaking collection of the production numbers. Breakdown car production numbers are extremely useful to anyone trying to gain insight into their car's history and trends over the years.

Why firebird and camaro were discontinued...

The story goes... GM has optioned for a new plant in Canada, with capacity for 100,000 firebird/camaro cars a year.

After the sales dropped dramatically, the plant stood bare and never made any money. This overprojection in sales cost firebrid and camaro their 'life'.

Car Production Breakdowns

GM Firebird

Pontiac Firehawk

GM Production Numbers

Pontiac 10th anniversary Firehawk

pontiac firebird production numbers

Pontiac Firebird 30th anniversary pace car

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