pontiac firebird discontinued and chevy camaro discontinued in 2002; firebird replaced with GTO

pontiac firebird and chevy camaro have been Discontinued in 2002: Sadly, the Pontiac Firebird Discontinued and Chevrolet Camaro Discontinued by GM (General Motors)] in 2002 . Hopefully, GM will offer us, muscle car enthusiasts, a formidable substitute. Recently, in the beginning of 2006, GM offered a Chevy Camaro concept car, which was recieved with great fanfare.

Pontiac firebird's: pontiac GTO Replacement: GM has recently introduced a Pontiac GTO to give muscle car enthusiasts something new to talk about - the GTO in it's current '04 form is NOT and never will replace the beloved Firebird. It doesn't have the same intimidating looks [in fact, it looks more like a Sunfire or Cavalier] or presence to match. This car is just a poorly executed copy of an Australian Monaro and in NO way replaces the mighty firebird and camaro twins.

Learn more about the New Pontiac GTO

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