Chevy Camaro z28 Car Accident: engine damage

Chevrolet camaro z28 Car Crash: This Chevy camaro was a race car in it's days. This car's front end and engine are gone, and I'm sure it's a total loss. Engine damage is severe. It's an chevy camaro SS car as marked in my files, but I can't tell from the pictures it was really an SS special sport car.

An alert website visitor has supplied this note to correctly identify the car, especially the differences in the Z28 and the SS hood. He writes: "I can see (barely) the Z28 logo on one side, plus the wheels are not the special wheels that always come with the SS, and also the hood doesn't look like it had an air scoop (like all SS's have). In fact, the SS hood is made of fiberglass, so if it were a SS then the hood wouldn't have bent like that, it would have cracked into pieces instead." Thank you! I updated the notes on this Camaro.

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chevy camaro

chevrolet camaro

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