Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro car accidents and car crashes

Firebird and Camaro Car Crashes: When a firebird or a camaro crash is submitted by a reader, you'll find a story of the crash, car specs, if the car was totaled and what they're driving now.


Car crashes without stories came from years of collecting on car forums. Of course I saved the worst car crashes and the worst pictures of crashed cars, most crashes do not end up totalled. For these firebird and camaro car accidents, most of the information has been lost, only the car accident pictures remain. The worst firebird and camaro car accidents are here, although there are a few which fortunately left cars repairable.


Please browse through, see how firebirds and camaros have been destroyed in accidents. It's sad firebirds and camaros end like this, but the muscle car has so much power.


For more information about my car: 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air WS6 (not crashed), check out my Pontiac WS6 car page with pictures and important info, plus 100+ car photos and 2 car stripe designs.


You'll also find Firebird WS6 car TV commercials, Firebird car build numbers from '93 to '02 (last production year) and other information.



If you would like to Share your Firebird or Camaro car accident, please contact Us


Firebird and Camaro Car Accidents

  firebird 1998 black WS6 car crash on side

Aaron writes: I was speeding down a terrible bumpy road and lost control. Road was very narrow, I went into a 4 feet deep ditch and my car went airborne for about 50 feet ... (more to come)

We will post his full story and car pictures soon, stay tuned!

firebird car crash

Firebird Formula Car Crash

This is what happens when a Firebird hits an oak tree at 90+ mph. Submitted by a reader, he writes: "The passenger's head rest broke off, my shoes flew off, the drivers side door skin flew 110 yards away... according to the state police officer".

» Read his firebird car crash story and see more crashed carpictures.

pontiac firebird accident total loss pontiac firebird crashed car

A horrifying Firebird Special Edition CE wrecked car. A total loss for the insurance. This is a special edition, 2002-only car. You can tell by the yellow color of the paint, the special black wheels and side graphics. I cannot imagine how this wreck could have occurred. Possibly this car was struck and dragged by a train?

» View 2 pictures from this pontiac firebird car crash

pontiac firebird crash

Camaro - very bad wrecked camaro with total front end ripped off and pushed in.

» View this camaro front end crash (this car was previously identified as a pontiac firebird, but thanks to an alert reader, this crashed car has been correctly labeled).

firebird burning firebird burned at the track

Firebird on Fire

An unforgettable series of pictures of this firebird car catching on fire at the track. Complete mayhem ensues, with firemen and finally a forklift, lifting the completely destroyed, burned car from the track.

» View more than 10 pictures of this firebird on fire

black crashed camaro car

crashed chevy camaro Fireball

WOW. Definite rollover, extremely poor shape. This car was also on fire, as seen from all the burn marks on the sides and the top.

» View 2 pictures from this camaro burned car

firebird car crashred car wreck

firebird car crash is only titled "Jon's crash" in my files.

The car was hit hard on driver's side, passenger side has been left undamaged except for body twisting. Very serious crash.

» view all 7 pictures from this firebird muscle car wreck

crashed camaro

crashed 35th anniversary chevrolet camaro

A stunning car, but here reduced to nothing. Probably a rollover accident.

» View this chevy camaro SS car wreck

car accidentyellow car crash

2002 pontiac firebird CE: special Edition crashed car: Extremely rare car, crashed. Wheels are just ruined, probably a rollover, no spoiler (salvaged?). In a very bad shape.

» see all pictures from this pontiac firebird 30th anniversary edition car crash

pontiac-hit-tree firebird-hit-tree

This story was submitted by a reader. Nick writes: "Short story.  I was going North on a 4 lane divided highway.  Cruising at about 70mph in the right lane and a car comes into my lane off of the on-ramp going about 55..." [read the rest of the story about this pontiac hitting a tree backwards inside]

» View 2 detailed pictures from this pontiac firebird car crash

crashed firebird

crashed firebird trans am car with ram air hood

Pretty bad front end damage, car's recognizable. Extensive damage in this car crash, also on the side of the car as well.

» View this pontiac firebird car crash

Submitted by a reader, this 1994 V8 Pontiac Firebird was hit going 45-50mph and totaled after the crash.... unfortunately, the owner wasn't even driving the car when it crashed. But there's a happy ending to this story, he's now a proud owner of a 1998 camaro Z28 LS1.

» View 3 pictures from this pontiac firebird car crash

green camaro z28 car wreck

totaled chevy camaro z28 car crash

This car has been destroyed. Noted all the hood is scratched up.

» See All 4 Pictures from this chevrolet camaro muscle car crash

white crashed camaro car

camaro SS crashed car into a house

The damage is extensive, you can recognize the car by huge swinging doors and roof pillars.

» See all 3 pictures from this camaro ss car crash

firebird car accident car-crash-into-telephone-pole

Firebird car hitting a pole at 55mph

A reader's account of his own car crash in 1998 pontiac firebird trans am. Aaron says this was a car racing accident at 55mph into a telephone pole - and he walked away relatively uninjured.

» View 6 detailed car pictures of this firebird car crash hitting a telephone pole

pontiac firebird spoiler crash

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air WS6.

Damage to back spoiler and bumper

» View this pontiac firebird spoiler damage

wrecked chevy camaro sports car accident

2001 Chevy Camaro Z28, submitted by a fellow firebird owner. » Message from owner: This was a 2001 Camaro Z28. I had a bit of performance work done to it. As you can see in the pictures the right wheel was torn off [...more...] I really loved this car and hopefully they will come out with the new Camaro in 2007.

» view all the 21 pictures from this camaro wreck

crashed camaro car

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Crashed Car

Pictures of camaro z28 wrecks are very difficult to digest. This one is especially terrifying, with the whole front, hood, front axle and the engine of the car pushed in and up, probably a front-end collision.

» View this chevy camaro SS car accident

Ford Mustang crash dodge viper crash

ford Mustang Car wrecksFord mustang wreck

AFTER SEEING THE CARNAGE, WOULD'NT YOU AT LEAST WANT TO SEE a ford Mustang Car wreck? ... The ONLY way you can tell it's a mustang, is from a big black lettering saying "MUSTANG".

» See all pictures from this Ford Mustang Car Accident, the Crash and Wreckage

dodge viper crash

dodge viper accident

Very deep back end damage, smashed in bumper and certain frame and roof damage.

» View this dodge viper car crash

» All DODGE Car Crashes

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