Pontiac Firebird Car Catching on Fire and Burning at the Track

This is a truly remarkable series of burning car pictures. These were discovered on a car forum, but little is known about what happened. I was not able to get more information about this car fire, except to display a long series of pictures of how the car burned to the ground.

It's obvious from the pictures this firebird was the track, racing. The engine caught on fire and then, probably within minutes, the whole car was engulfed in flames. The fire started on the left front side of the hood. Later pictures show that side of the car hit the ground first, probably because the rubber on the tires burned away. Fire trucks arrived, and two firemen, arriving not soon enough, were able to extinguish the car fire, but not before it became a total wreck and had to be removed on a forklift.

The driver escaped without any problems. The first picture in this series shows a man, with a racing helmet in his hand, exiting the car. I did not display this picture, not wanting to expose a possibly embarrassed owner.

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