Pontiac Firebird Car Crash: this car his a tree at 55mph

Pontiac Firebird Hitting a Tree backwards: Here's Nick's full story: "Short story.  I was going North on a 4 lane divided highway.  Cruising at about 70mph in the right lane and a car comes into my lane off of the on-ramp going about 55.  I slow and downshift, then go to accelerate around him in the left lane.  Not knowing there was a slight rain earlier as the roads looked dry.  As soon as I hit the accelerator the car lost total control on a slick spot (temperature being in the high 20's).  Car slung completely left, I brought it back right, and as I was finally getting it straight the right rear tire caught the slick grass and it was completely lost.  Hit a tree going backwards at around 55mph. "

Nick's Firebird Info: 1994 Trans Am GT with Hooker Headers, Hooker Catback Exhaust, QTP Electric Cutout, Moroso Cold Air Intake, CVR Electric Waterpump, Welded Subframe Connectors, Lakewood Lower Control Arms, Welded LCA brackets, Panhard Bar, Strut Tower Brace, Monroe R/T shocks, DMS Springs, Poly End Links, Black Corvette ZR-1 wheels w/ polished lip 17x9.5, Auburn Pro Posi, 4:10 GM Motive Gears, T/A Girdle w/ Stud Kit, CC306 Cam, Crane Gold 1.6 Ratio Rocker Arms, CM-612 Valve Springs, Comp Lifters, Stock Hardened Pushrods, Bosch 36# Injectors, Spec Stage II Clutch, SLP Short Shifter, Short Stick, Hurst Shift Knob, Poly Transmission Mount, Madz28 Tune, LT4 Knock Module, LS1 Console,160 Degree Thermostat.

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crashed pontiac firebird into a tree

firebird hit a tree at 55mph

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