Pontiac Firebird Car Crash Story and Pictures - hit an oak tree at 90 mph

Firebird Formula Car Crash at 90+ mph

A reader who submitted this story writes: "This is what happens when you hit an oak tree at 90 + mph. The passengers head rest broke off my shoes flew off the drivers side door skin flew 110 yards away according to the state police officer. It shoved the drive shaft through the center of the transmission and the rear seat bottom was against the back of the front seats and the console. I think we shoulda hit the deer instead of trying to miss it !!!! "

This crashed Firebird was a 95 Formula with 100 mm throttle body, computer chip, cold air induction kit, and a reworked 700r4.

New car purchase after the crash, he writes: "Now I'm in a 2001 camaro ss with a factory installed LS 1 with 2 stage 250 hp nitrous kit. and 4 speed with 456 gears. "

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firebird car crash

firebird car accident

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