Corvette Concepts: corvette sting ray III concept, corvette Fin Car, Retro corvette concept

Corvette Car Concepts

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GM Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray III Concept car (1992)

This chevy corvette sting ray III concept car was designed in 1992. Interestingly enough, the second picture has the chevy badge missing. Could it possibly be a firebird concept car rebadged as a chevy corvette concept car?

This covette sting ray 3 concept was possibly presented at the 1992 Auto show.

chevy corvette string ray iii concept car
View from the top of the corvette sting ray car

corvette sting ray III concept
Front View of the Corvette Sting Ray 3 Concept car

GM Chevrolet Corvette concept car

Extremely rare pictures of one of a kind corvette concept car! I wish they actually made this retro-beauty corvette.


gm chevrolet corvette concept car

retro corvette concept car

gm: chevrolet concept corvette fin car!

Yes, this corvette car is photo shopped, but who wouldn't wish it existed?!?


chevy corvette rear fin car

corvette fin car concept

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