Pontiac Firebird concepts: firebird Concept Cars past and present

Pontiac Firebird Concepts: History of concept cars at GM

General Motors designer Harley Earl is credited with inventing the concept car or also known as the show car. He also did a lot to make the Motorama shows extremely popular in 1950s.

Generally, these pontiac concept cars rarely go into production; most go through so many changes before the design is finalized, that finally, in the interst of keeping the costs donw, the concept car is not produced at all.

Pontiac concepts use exotic and expensive parts and metals, not suitable for car mass-production.

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» Firebird and Camaro Discontinued production - firebird and camaro killed by GM in 2002.

gm concept pontiac firebird trans am car

This firebird concept car was designed in 2002.

Update: Thanks to an alert reader, this car has been identified as a GM Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray III Concept Car (1992).

Interestingly enough, this picture has the chevy badge missing. Could it possibly be a firebird concept rebadged as a chevy corvette concept car?

firebird concept car

Pontiac Firebird Bird of Prey Concept Car (2000) built by Sprewell Racing

Sprewell "Bird of Prey" Trans Am concept (2000) features two screaming chickens on the sides of the Bird of Prey pontiac firebird concept. Only two Firebird project vehicles were built, a convertible and a Trans Am t-top version, by Sprewell Racing (of the famed basketball player Latrell Sprewell).

Sprewell started with a Firebird WS6 convertible, chopped the windshield six inches, added a new front and rear fascia, side skirts and a full-width deck spoiler designed by Jame Stormes.

Firebird Convertible Concept

pontiac firebird concept bird of prey car

Firebird Trans Am Concept car (t-tops)

pontiac firebird concept bird of prey concept car trans am t-top

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