CFA cat show: pictures from the cat show, bengal cats, persian cats, ragdolls, cat show judging pictures and more breeds

CFA Cat Show: This American Cat Fanciers Association cat show was in July of 2004. A two-day event, the cat show was full of judging and of course - kittens and cats of all breeds.

cat and kitten adoptions at the CFA cat show: Cat shows also usually feature adoption areas, where local shelters display kittens and cats in need for a new, good home.

Cat Show Judging: each cat show judge has a separate ring. Viewers, including the owners of the cats will watch the judging. Cat shows are very important to cat breeders to gain achievements in breeding standards.

cats at the show

Cat Show - Ocicat [thanks to a very helpful web visitor for this update] - two pictures of this gorgeous guy - he was one of the most memorable cats at the show.

cat show bengal

cat show bengal cat


Two beautiful persian cats at the cat show

cat show cat persian

cat show cat


Ragdoll cats at the cat show

cat show ragdolls cats



cat show judging

This cat's tail is huge and I love his color. Here, the judge is holding this orange cat at the cat show.

cat show judging


Gorgeous, puffy black persian cat at the cat show

cat show judge


A white cat at this cat show, just like My Cat Marsh

cat show judge - judging white cat

cat show judge with white cat


A calico cat at the cat show

cat show judging calico cat

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