My Munchkin Polydactyl White Cat: Marshmallow

cats meow
munchkin polydactyl cat

Where did Marshmallow come from? I purchased my beautiful boy from an incredible, responsible, outstanding: CalicoRose breeder on Long Island, NY.

Who is Marshmallow? Marshmallow... A purebred (mix of LaPerm and Munchkin): white cat with gorgeous amber eyes, all white with silky, soft hair. A cat with a sweet doggy personality - smart, funny, and gentle who follows me around like a string.

A "perfect" cat? I've looked for a long time for the perfect munchkin breeder to contact. Beth at CalicoRose was my choice - a wonderful, responsible breeder with a heart of gold and amazing, lovable, hand-raised kittens. An animal loves you unconditionally, and nothing will substitute for it.

How do i love thee.. let me count the ways! My lovable, huggable, adorable, very special cat - Marsh [Marshmallow]. Marsh has proven himself again and again as the most gentle, loving boy. I call him 'moi malchik' in russian, which roughly translates to 'my little boy'. He loves to snuggle, purr, be around people and is all around a very social cat. He loves his toys, especially sherpa mice, Da Bird and laser pointer. Everybody seems to love him to death at first glance.

Cat forums: There are great cat forums out there, I list my favorites ones like and

Cat Food: Please make sure to feed your cats right! Only wet food, no dry. Cats in the wild get all their water requirements from their prey and do not have a strong thirst drive. If you feed your cat dry food, it will make them sick and fat. Visit CatInfo website for more infomation.

FreshMagic Cat Litter: I have to mention FreshMagic Cat Litter.  I'm in no way paid to advertise it, I just feel if as much people know about an alternative to 'clumping' litters, the better.  It's the world's greatest litter.  If you cannot find FreshMagic, use FreshStep Crystal Litter [100% crystals], available in WalMart and all major stores.

Munchkin Cats: Munchkin Cat Breed

"The feline version of the Dachshund, this controversial new short-legged breed (named after the little people of Oz) is friendly, confident, talkative, and intelligent, with a wonderful sense of humor. Munchkin cats are extremely easygoing and so make great companions for children."

munchkin cat

Polydactyl (Hemingway) Cats: Marshmallow is Polydactyl, he has classic "mitten paws". He can be in fact called a Hemingway Munchkin. As one of true polydactyl cats, he has 21 claws:

  • 6 (5+1) on each front paw
  • 5 (4+1) on back right
  • 4 on back left
polydactyl cat

Polydactyl, or extra digits, is a common trait among cats, particularly it seems, among Celtic cats and cats on part of America's Eastern coast and South West Britain. It is simply a naturally occurring genetic variation and polydactyly is also found in fossil reptiles - meaning that five digits might be the abnormal form! Polydactyl (six or seven toes) varies from the classic "mitten cat" through to cats which simply have more toes than normal, but no "thumb". Some owners of polydactyl cats joke that their cats are more intelligent because of this and represent the next stage in feline evolution - the ability to open cartons and cans unaided. Polydactyl cat may be known by various names - "mitten cats", "thumb cats", "six-finger cats" and "Hemingway cats.

Marsh's cat pictures are just a click away, hundreds in all and updated often!

Marshmallow the cat in his red Santa Christmas Hat

He didn't like the hat, but I'm quick!

cat in red santa hat

Marshmallow, in a sunny window

very sweet picture, washed in sunlight

cat picture sunny window

Marshmallow with his new and now BLUE collar. If you followed his previous pictures, he had a hot pink collar (pink collar).

cat with blue collar

Cat playing with Sherpa Toy Mouse!

He loves this toy as you can see from other pictures.

cat picture with toy mouse

Cat Playing with Sherpa Mouse

cat with mouse

cat mouse in jaws

Mapping of the Cat Brain

Very funny Mapping of the Cat Brain cartoon diagram spied by me somewhere on the web a long time ago. Click on the link above to see the cat brain map full-size and read each one of the brain's sections.

mapping of the cat brain

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