Best of MSNBC's Week in pictures and Week in sport pictures

msnbc's 'the week in pictures' & 'the week in sports' series - Best of 2005

Featured shots are funny, sad, amazing, scary and everything in between. MSNBC pictures of the week series is one of my favorite email newsletters. Sport pictures of the week are just as interesting as pictures of the week. Not all the weeks make it in here, so the picture must be really good to be added. Usually, I save about 1 to 3 pictures per month, and that's out of about 80 pictures altogether. The weekly pictures MSNBC features deal with current events. In chronological order, last date first.

The week in pictures and the week in sport pictures
August, 2005 MSNBC Week in Pictures: Crushing Crest

MSNBC Week in Pictures: Crushing Crest

MSNBC Week in Pictures: Flood Zone

MSNBC Week in Pictures: Flood Zone

may, 2005 MSNBC Week in Pictures: Milking the Glory

Dan Wheldon of Great Britain pours the ceremonial milk over his head after winning the Indianapolis 500 Car Race.

week in pictures milking the glory


Yachts sail in winds under a thunderstorm sky in the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge off New York Harbor.

week in pictures strom warning at rolex transatlantic challenge

MSNBC Week in Pictures: "READY FOR RAIN"

Art project in Switzerland, adding umbrellas to side of a building

week in pictures ready for rain umbrellas

April 26th, 2005


In-detail shots (about 10) are here: Iraq Sand Storm - Detailed Pictures

Sand storm in Al Asad, Iraq, near the border with Syria and Jordan.

U.S. Marine Corps took this picture of a rare storm called a downburst, which passed over a town in 45min.

april 25th, 2005


Derailed commuter train smashed into an apartment building in Amagasaki, Japan, killing 100.

March 18, 2005

Look Out!

I love the faces on these people!

January 28, 2005

Baby in a basket, China

January 28, 2005 - baby in a basket, China

January 28, 2005

Snow storm in Massachusetts

January 28, 2005 - snow storm in Massachusetts

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