Cat Litter: FreshMagic Silica Crystals Cat Litter Review

cat litter: freshmagic silica litter crystals

FreshMagic cat litter products does not pay me to advertise their product, I just feel if as much people know about an alternative to 'clumping' litters, the better! I have an all white munchkin cat, and have not found a better litter for him than freshmagic cat litter. Cat litter is made of silica crystals, the silica litter crystals do not smell and freshmagic is probably the best product i've ever used for my cat. It's also on my cat resources page along with a few other links to useful cat products.

cat litter fAQ: FreshMagic Cat Litter Website has lots of info on their products. You can try their FAQ section for more info. Also, if you need any help or information on how to use it, contact me.

how does freshmagic cat litter work? The best part about FreshMagic is the way this litter works. You never have to smell the litter again, it's odorless and flushable. Not only that, but the litter absorbs urine and dries out the droppings. All you need to do is scoop them out. It's really amazing how it works. Definitely the best litter I've tried.

two types of cat litter: round and chunky

cat litter: freshmagic found crystals

Round Style cat litter crystals are great, but they will roll. Unless you have either a cat mat to catch them, or something like a rise outside of your bathroom so that they don't roll around the house, be prepared to constantly pick them up. It's great if you have a small hand-held vacuum to collect them once in a while.

They're still my preferred style though, easy to use and nice for the cat. They're also noiseless.

cat litter: freshmagic chunk

Chunk style cat litter is good because it doesn't roll. But, the cat litter crystals are HUGE and some crystals don't pass through 99% of scoops out there, i've tried.

The best way to pick a style is to experiment and do what suits you best.

special scoop for this cat litter

The only scoop that I've tried which worked was one specifically designed for this cat litter. It has round holes which let the crystals pass through with ease.

cat litter scoop

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