angry cat picture and my cat inside a box

My cat Marshmallow decided to make this box his home! So here he is, cat inside the box, and he's not coming out! In fact,he's giving me the 'do not come any close' face!

Why do cats love boxes? What is it that makes a cat hide inside a box? I think it's their hunting instinct and the fact that if you make any noise outside a box, they'll think it's inside and want to hunt whatever is inside.

The angry cat picture is the only one I ever took of my cat being this mad. He just did not want to get out of that box! You can see how the cat's eyes are frowning and how he's ready to pounce! This 'angry face' picture was also submitted by me to be in a TheCatSite's forum 'Caption This!' angry cat pictures contests - with great results - I got dozens of great captions for this picture.

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angry cat picture

cat inside a box

cat in a box

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