My Cat in Cuddle n Carry Cat Basket, Cat Carrier by Pet Zone

Pet Zone Cuddle n Carry cat Cat basket carrier: Cuddle n Carry cat carrier is also great in the car and is VERY easy to strap down using a standard seatbelt.Great Cuddle n Carry basket carrier to carry your cat, I definitely recommend it.

My cat Marsh also does not go crazy in this Cuddle n Carry carrier and it's extremely easy to load my cat in, since the basket carrier is top-loading, i just grab the cat and lower him in.

Cuddle n Carry Carrier Info from Sticker: Easy top-loading design transports your kitty -- safely and easily. Double handles reduce swinging for safe and easy transportation. Convenient storage compartment for food, toys, etc. Spacious interior accommodates pets up to 20 lbs. Transparent lid with flow-through ventilation provides easy viewing. Lid lays back for easy exit and has an easy-to-operate lid safety latch.

A lot of people have emailed me and asked where you can purchase Cuddle n Carry cat carrier. Pet Zone no longer makes this carrier, sorry!  I bought another similar one, IRIS Pet Basket Carrier [image below] about 2 years ago, also a basket style. It too is not available at this time.  Pet Zone's biggest plus is how sturdy is it. I have a 20lb cat, and have no issues.  IRIS's basket carrier I will only put my little 8lb girl in, never a big male.You can keep looking as it seems every few years a new company will come on the market with a basket style carrier. If I see one, I will update this page right away.

IRIS pet carrier basket cat IRIS Pet Basket Cat Carrier

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Cuddle n Carry cat carrier Cuddle and Carry pet Basket

cuddle and carry cat carrier Cuddle and Carry pet carrier

Cuddle n Carry pet zone pet basket Cuddle and Carry cat carrier

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