mapping of the cat brain

Mapping of the Cat brain - funny cartoon

This is a great, funny drawing of a cat's brain. Some of the funnier labels:

  • obsession with imaginary insects
  • mysterious adoration of just one spot on the bed
  • barf bland!
  • short circuit that makes a purring kitty an arm-shredding maniac in two seconds
  • inexorable fear of vacuum cleaners
  • search and destroy for expensive imported textiles and ceramics
  • can opener sonar
  • licking gland
  • total drive to be where they are forbidden to go
  • inability to get along with new cat
  • asthmatic locator
  • shedding on freshly vacuumed floor
  • hatred of dogs
  • infatuation with people who hate cats!
  • AND
  • commitment spot (gets larger when a can opener sonar is activated)

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