Blown car tire at 50 miles per hour accident

Blown car Tire Accident

Very scary car accident in my Firebird, happened about 9pm at night on an unlit highway near my home. I also have a picture of the blown tire below, as well as the huge gaping holes.

Traveling in the fast lane, I hit a old, shredded tire on the side of the road, probably from a truck at about 50mph, head on my driver's side.

Blown car tire aftermath

My WS6 3-spoke rims survived the hit! The car was thrown right, then left, then right again, but thankfully, there were no other cars around me so i was able to regain control without hitting anyone else.

At the time of the hit, the front driver's tire was blown immediately, and that blown tire caused the car to swerve.

Obviously, the tire was damaged beyond repair, and I had to buy a brand new one. The rim survived!

The tire was a Goodyear OEM tire which came with my car.

blown tire accident

rare car rims

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