Firebird Car Rims: 3-Spoke spinner car rims for pontiac firebird trans am ram air WS6 called 'Salad shooters' available only in 2000 model year

Unique WS6-only 3-spoke car rims: Salad shooters

Twisted Firebird wheels were only available for 2000 Pontiac Firebirds model year as a special selection on a build sheet, and by some estimates, only 1-5% of all 2000 WS6 models had them. Sometimes these rims go by the name Salad Shooters.

Other Firebird With Special RIMs like mine:

  • Shawn's Red Dragon Firebird Trans Am WS6 - this car is a 2000 WS6, just like mine, with the special wheels - a very rare combination indeed.

Lug nuts: original OEM black 2-piece and aftermarket chrome one-piece

Originally, the wheel's lug nuts came covered with black plastic caps, which where known to fall off frequently, just as they did on my car. After having a number of them come off within the first year - probably as much as half, i bought Gorilla chrome one-piece lug nuts.

door rpo code

Pontiac Firebirds fitted with these rims have RPO door code: N66. Full RPO code manua (PDF)l for GM Firebirds & Camaros.

About my firebird: Learn more about my firebird, it's history and appearance packages.

firebird ws6 3-spoke rims salad shooters

3-spoke car spinner rims with chrome one-piece gorilla lug nuts:

firebird ws6 rare rims

rare pontiac firebird rims

Original black plastic covers. It's not a great picture, only a scan of an original 35mm photo, but you can see black lugnut covers.

firebird salad shooter rims black plastic lug nuts

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