pontiac firebird trans am ram air WS6 mods: stripes, body molding, tint, custom license plates with pictures and write ups

my pontac firebird ws6 upgrades & appearance modifications: stripes & much more!

Firebird car appearance packages: ws6 upgrades are explaned in full detail with pictures. I bought my car: PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM RAM AIR WS6, in the beginning of 2000, and it was one of the very first cars made that year. I only did appearance enhancements, nothing else. Some of the other, smaller modifications include tint, new badges, firebird body side molding removed from both doors and sides of the car, vinyl lettering inserts on bumper, and more.

aSC modifications: my car's ASC modification number was 81 for 2000 year, one of the first to roll off the assembly line. ASC took the Trans Am models coming off the assembly line at GM, and shipped them to their facility. There, they made all the upgrades of the WS6 package. Upgrades included a new hood, new wheels, new air box, and other minor modifications, as well as all new badging.

The cost of the Ram Air WS6 package for a Pontiac Firebird was about $3,000 over the Trans Am/Formula price.

My personal favorite package is still the last one - red 30th stripes. I just love the look of red stripes on white body. There was a camaro 25th anniversary package in 1995, it had two long red stripes on white body (only configuration possible) and once when i saw it, i just fell in love with it.

red 30th anniversary pontiac firebird Trans Am WS6 car stripes

Most Recent Modifications 2003-current

Firebird Red 30th Anniversary stripes - described and photographed in detail with mockup of all the stripes in this set (new!).

pontiac gmmg Blackbird stripes: hood and custom spoiler Car Stripes

2000-2002 car stripe design  

BlackBird Hood Stripes and Custom Spoiler Stripes. View setup of the orignal package I used for my copy: GMMG's Blackbird Cars

pointiac firebird WS6 car: ORIGINAL, arctic white Car without Mods


Original Arctic White Paint (2000) . I do think the stripe packages I added gave the car something special, but I've heard many of my friends say that original could very well be the best.

pontiac firebird 30th anniversary package pontiac trans am ram air WS6 gmmg blackbird stripes pontiac firebird original OEM look

My 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air WS6 Car Picture Gallery - more car pictures!

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