Pontiact Firebird Car: GMMG blackbird stripes on hood and spoiler

Pontiac Firebird Car: GMMG Blackbird package was popular with owners of WS6 Pontiac Firebirds, like me.

My 2000 Pontiac Firebird had custom stripes which included the blackbird hood stripes from about 2001 to 2003, before I went to a red 30th anniversary firebird car stripe design.

gmmg blackbirds became extremely popular right away after their introduction. The package was developed by GMMG company, but soon replicated by every car stripe shop and firebird car owners.

my custom gmmg blackbird stripes on ws6 hood and wing tips - My 2000 Pontiac Firebird WS6 had this same gmmg blackbird vinyl stripe package with additional custom wing-tip stripes.

GMMG Blackbird Full Details:

  • 380hp/400tq package
  • upgraded exaust, air box, springs, wheels, rotors
  • decals on air box, hood, car cover, gauges, mats, rearview mirror, oil fill cap

My 2000 WS6 Pontiac Firebird with blue GMMG blackbird stripes

GMMG Blackbird - car window sticker

GMMG Blackbird - car window sticker

gmmg blackbird car

GMMG Blackbird - full car picture - rew WS6

gmmg blackbird car interior details and white gauges

GMMG blackbird car - white gauges

gmmg blackbird car stripes hood scoop detail

Blackbird car hood stripes close-up

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