Goldfish in bowls, goldfish food and care

Goldfish in bowls: goldfish live beautifully in bowls and seem to do great, as long as they don't outgrow them. Temperature of about 68 to 73 degrees is recommended, but certainly could be lower or higher, depending on the weather outside.

Goldfish food: feed quality goldfish flakes, once every two days when they're smaller and once daily when they get bigger. Also, change water about once a week. Dont' use water cleaning solutions - just fill old water bottles with water, and let them naturally sit for about 3 days, at which point they're OK to use with freshwater fish. Below are our two freckled goldfish and one goldfish.

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freckled goldfish in bowl

goldfish in bowl

goldfish in bowl
goldfish in bowl

goldfish in bowl
two freckled goldfish in a bowl

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