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Featured is a beautiful white with blue American Singer breed canary male. A singing canary, with a melodic song. Flies around the house freely, his canary cage door is open all the time, except for nighttime, when it's locked for the night. Canary is very social, inquisitive bird. Second featured bird is a Red Bronze (breed) male canary.


What To feed Your canary: follow a strict diet, and strict day/night schedule. Canaries wake up around 5-6am and get covered for night time at 8pm. Feed canary seeds in addition to greens, eggs, and other seeds. For red bronze canaries, feed food which will keep their beautiful red color!


Environment & Temperature: make sure to have at least 72-75 degree temperature, day and night. Canaries like warm weather, and will die if you let the nighttime temperature drop below 68 degrees. Covering the cage at night for warmth is not enough, the room temperature has to be warm as well.


Where to purchase your Canary: How to find a Quality canary Breeder? If possible, find a canary breeder, local to you. While it may take some time and effort to locate a breeder, it's beneficial in more ways that one. First, you'll have a direct contact to ask any questions. This person will be extremely knowledgeable in canary care, and lastly, he will have good birds, which were not inbred or color-changed.



Pet store dangers: Do not purchase from a pet store. If you do purchase from a pet store, be aware that canaries sold there are fed color-food to make canary's feathers a bright color - within half a year to a year your canary will shed it's beautiful, artificial feathers and will turn into a regular, brown/gray bird. If you saw red, yellow, green, blue birds, know they're not naturally colored. Also, the canary was raised in a temperature controlled [steady high temp 24hr] environment. Once you bring it home, all bets are off.


canary feeding tips! Give distilled or purified water for drinking and bathing (they are extremely sensitive to chemicals). Wash all fruits and vegetables very carefully and remember to peel them, especially cucumbers, which canaries love. Veggies and fruits have wax on them which is dangerous to bird's health.


Canary forum: here's a GREAT canary forum. It's very active (for a pure canary forum!) and has a great team of knowledgeable canary breeders and showers who will answer a question quickly! It's called The Canary & Finch Court Forum.

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Canary Cage:

A canary cage should be big enough for the bird, and also allow the bird to at least jump on two horizontal perches and one bottom/top perch. This canary cage has a water feeder, a canary treat, a mite protector disk and two feeder cups. Not all cages are good for canaries. Make sure the spaces between the bars are small enough so that he canary will not get stuck.


canary cage
Canary Cage

red bronze canary
red bronze canary:
our canary is about 1.5 years in this picture


red bronze canary
More pictures of our Red bronze canary


american singer canary
Our american singer canary, he came from a knowledgeable breeder


canary flying
Canary flying: Our canary flies around the house unobstructed. Here he is on the kitchen window.

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