Adirondack National Park and Whiteface park mountain, New York, lake placid Car Trip

my pontiac firebird trans am ram air ws6 muscle car on top of Whiteface mountain and Rural park Roads, Adirondack National park, New York, 5,500 feet high: these pictures were taken in a tunnel below the main building on top of the mountain. The views are just unbelievable.The views in this national park were fantastic, I took many great shots of the car. Below are two sets of pictures, one from a rural road in the whiteface park photos, the second set is from a top of Whiteface Mountain. It's a beautiful place to visit, and it has many attractions. Notably, the Whiteface mountain is huge for winter skiing, and in the summer, for unbelievable views. For those who love outdoors and nature, a trip to Adirondack national park is a MUST.

my 30th anniversary pontiac firebird trans am WS6 stripe package: The link to the full write-up is below. I put together this page to help others trying to customize their firebirds. Read more about the Red 30th anniversary firebird stripe package - full write-up and close-ups.

More car pictures: view more pictures of my firebird and explore the full picture gallery.

adirondack park, lake placid

whiteface park

adirondack national park, new york

adironkack national park, whiteface mountain

on top of whiteface mountain

whiteface park

top of whiteface mountain

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