GM Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 Car Pictures

 My Pontiac car Under two feet of snow in one of the biggest snow storms in New England's history. firebird under snow
Red 30th stripes GM firebird car modification package

Seven Lakes Drive (2004) - Firebird Stripes 30th Anniversary Package in red color - very nice views of the stripes, all around good pictures

firebird firebird
firebird car pictures at the Adirondack national park

My Firebird car in all the glory at the top of Whiteface Mountain and on picturesque roads in the national park.Trip to Adirondack mountains, NY State (2004) - gorgeous views and nice car close-ups of the car.

The open road shots came from rural highways, the bridge shots are from a mountain tunnel, 5,500 feet high on top Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, NY. Also, read Full details on the red 30th stripes modification - how it was done!






stunning set of the red 30th anniversary firebird WS6 car stripes

Seven Lakes car Drive, near low lake, NY (2003)

firebird firebird
Blue Blackbird Stripes and back stripes on the firebird car hood and spoiler

Blue Blackbird Stripes Front Hood and Back Spoiler (2002) Seven Lakes Drive park - excellent up-close views and detailed shots, great for those looking to dress-up their car.

Full details of the GMMG blackbird car stripes and spoiler tip stripes

firebird firebird

Stunning bare arctic white firebird car paint - best of original setup

Best Car Pictures from this year (2001) - just plain beautiful

firebird firebird
Original firebird car setup - with open headlights

Lake Front - open headlights - a real treat (2001)

great close ups of the 3-spoke rare firebird WS6 rims

Big Lot - Great Wheel Close-Ups with Gorilla Lug nuts (2001)

firebird rims 
Dangerous Territory - tire blowout at 50MPH

blown tire on the car @ 50mph car was not damaged at all - i was able to compensate for the deflated wheel, but the tire was shredded (2002)

firebird tire

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