pontiac firebird car TV commercials: 'Boo', 'Firebird' and 'Hungry' 1998 firebird TV AD Videos

Pontiac Firebird TV car ads: 'Boo', 'Firebird' and 'Hungry' - RARE and AMAZING, and now in easy-view FLASH. created in 1998, these TV commercials still survive in hands of firebird owners. All 3 commercials are Hosted locally here on Marshu.com.

All three pontiac firebird tv car commercials are spectacular and a real find. These Pontiac videos of the WS6 Trans Am firebird cars cannot be missed.

To view the videos, click on each firebird commercial link below to go to a special page I made for each of the pontiac firebird TV ads. You will be able to view the tv ad video and see at least 10 screen caps for each one.

VHS video of pontiac car commercials: Pontiac also made a VHS cassette. This Pontiac video, which included these pontiac tv commercials, was included by GM with a Pontiac Firebird brochure if you requested it through the pontiac website from 1998 to 2002 (final production year). I have a copy of this video, but have yet to copy it to a digital form.

Pontiac Firebird TV Commercial Car Ad - "Hungry"

Pontiac Firebird TV Commercial Car Ad - "Firebird"

Pontiac Firebird TV Commercial Car Ad - "Boo"

pontiac firebird car commercial

firebird tv car ad

pontiac tv car commercial

Also learn how to make screencaps from movies/clips on your computer.

Mountain Dew tv commercial with Pontiac Firebird: very popular TV ad starring black pontiac firebird (around 2003)

mt. dew tv commercial with firebird car trans am mt dew tv car ad

Firebird Car Screaming Chicken Logo Animation

firebird car screaming chicken animation

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