Most Expensive US Paper Money: $1,000 Grand Watermelon Bill

The Most Expensive Paper Money ever sold at auction was 2006 sale of a "Grand Watermelon" one thousand $1,000 bill, only one of two existing printed in 1890.


grand watermelon paper bill: most expensive paper money $1,000 dollar bill: the Grand Watermelon from the front: note the red seal and the round 'watermelon' behind the $1,000 printed in the center of the bill.



Grand Watermelon 1,000 dollar bill was sold for $2,225,000 dollars and became the most expensive paper money ever sold. It was sold from a private collector to another private collector.


What makes this Grand Watermelon note special is the red seal on the face of the paper. There are also brown-seal grand watermelon notes, only 6 of brown seals exist.


This most expensive money bill is called the "Grand Watermelon" because of it's green striped zeros in the "1,000" printed on the reverse and therefore make it look like a watermelon.


grand watermelon from the back Back of $1,000 grand watermelon bill.

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