Fusaichi Pegasus: 6th fastest racehorse at the 2000 Visa Triple Crown

Fusaichi Pegasus racehorse won the Kentucky Derby horse race, won the Preakness Race and was the favorite to win the Visa Triple Crown in more than 23 years (back in year 2000). But the Fastest Racehorse in the world is secretariat, who is still the Fastest Triple Crown winner in the Kentycky Derby - the most important and the most watched race of the Triple Crown.

It's important to remember that while Triple Crown's fastest horse was crowned in 1973, the trophy was given away two more times until today - in 1978 to Affirmed and in 1977 to Seattle Slew. Triple Crown has not been won since 1978, and Fusaichi Pegasus was the only horse to come close to doing it by winning two of the 3 races.


The racehorse, Fusaichi Pegasus and his story fascinates horseracing fans, and the tale still lingers a long time after the 2000 Visa Triple Crown. Fusaichi Pegasus, named for the winged horse of Greek mythology, was purchased for $4 Million Dollars, the highest price for a yearling in all the 1990s.


Fusaichi Pegasus before preakness horse race Fusaichi Pegasus before the Preakness horse race ( white bridle must remind many fans of him before the race).

Fusaichi Pegasus won the Kentucky Derby on May 5th of 2000, in front of 153,204 spectators. Fusaichi Pegasus was also 6th fastest Kentucky Derby winner out of 126 years running, a magnificent accomplishment. His owner, Fasao Sekiguchi of Japan, was excited to possibly have the first horse to win the Triple Crown in 23 years. Fusaichi Pegasus won the Preakness and was on it's way to winning the Visa Triple Crown at the Belmont. But the Belmont race at the Belmont Park in New York was not as lucky. Just 20 days after the Kentucky Derby, on May 24th, 2000, Fusaichi Pegasus lost to Red Bullet, coming in 2nd.

red bullet racehorse Red Bullet in the Preakness race, ridden by Jerry Bailey


fusaichi pegasus racehorse Fusaichi Pegasus Winnings: To 2007, his winning earnings are just shy of $3 Million - $2,919,214. Fusaichi Pegasus was retired to stud at a value estimated to be $60-70 million.


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Fastest Kentucky Derby winners - TOP 10

Time (Odds)
1 1973  Secretariat  1:59:40 (2-5) 
2 2001 Monarchos 1:59:97
3 1964  Northern Dancer  2:00  
4 1985  Spend a Buck   2:00 (1-5)  
5 1962  Decidedly   2:00 (2-5)  
6 1967  Proud Clarion   2:00 (3-5)  
7 2000  Fusaichi Pegasus  2:01:00 (1-5) 
8 1996  Grindstone   2:01:00 
9 2002 War Emblem 2:01.13
10 2003 Funny Cide 2:01:19
as of 2007



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