White Firebird car Pictures: Best of the 2001 year

White Firebird car pictures from 2001. My best shot of the Ram Air Hood and the car in general is the very first one - I parked the car right on the median across the double-yellow lines and the firebird never looked better.

The firebird is now in Discontinued production - firebird and camaro were killed by GM in 2002.

Firebird Pictures were taken with a regular 35mm camera and scanned, so quality does not equal a digital camera, but the shots still shine.

Car Modifications - 2 Stripe Sets: my car's 2 sets of hood and spoiler stripes, graphics, body moldings, tint - all about mods

Pontiac WS6 Pictures: car photos (8 years and 2 car stripe designs).

white firebird

white firebird rear view

white firebird car

white firebird pontiac

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