vera wang wedding gown: how to make your own copy of the top 3 latest wedding dress designs

From Vera Wang Collection, these are 3 desirable wedding gowns. Demand for knock-offs of these gowns is skyrocketing, and you don't need to pay a lot to get a copy of one of these beauties.

Here's a great tip: just adding a simple satin ribbon to a gown you'll buy in a regular wedding store or a gown bargain store will do the trick! Also, you can find some lace and arrange it in a nice rose pattern, as shown on the third gown.

Look for a good bargain wedding gown and rework it with a nice detail, I mean, why not learn from the best out there? ... and by far, Vera Wang is one of the best wedding gown desighers.

More wedding gowns can be viewed directly from Vera Wang official site

vera wang wedding gown in white lace and a green ribbon - absolutely stunning!

vera wang wedding gown white lace green ribbonVera Wang Wedding Gown - green ribbon and lace

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Vera Wang Wedding Gown: a knee-high lace gown with a satin ribbon
vera wang wedding gown white lace with satin ribbon knee high
Vera Wang Wedding Gown - white lace

vera wang princess wedding dress with a white lace rose and a gorgeous, full skirt. This is by far my favorite creation.
vera wang wedding dress with white rose and full lace skirt
Vera Wang Wedding Gown - white flower

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