NJ Drive-Ins: last and best Drive-In Movie Theaters in New Jersey - Warwick, NY

NJ Drive-In theaters were once huge, in fact, the very first drive-in opened in US was in Camden, NJ. Unfortunately, NJ drive-ins were closed years ago, a sad statistic which changed with a drive-in re-opening in Vineland, NJ. Delsea Drive-In originally opened in 1950's but was closed in 1987. The Drive-In reopend in July 2004. Delsea Drive-In is in south jersey, near Atlantic City.


nj drive-in classic picture Drawing of a classic Drive-in


Drive In Favorites: when in a drive-in, the experience is usually far better than any regular movie theater. You are in your car, the movie is coming in through your car stereo system, and then the movie's soundtrack becomes as good as your stereo system, which in many cars is far better than maybe even your home.


NY Drive-In: Warwick Drive-In Movie Theater in New York is still operating with huge summer crowds. If you live in northern NJ, then don't forget to check out this great drive-In. With 3 screens and one price for 2 movies on the same screen every night, it's a joy to visit.


In Warwick Drive-In, there's an open fast food stand with hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream in the first screen. Overall, it's an excellent drive-in. One suggestion is to get in at least an hour before the show on summer nights, the Drive-In is usually packed and some summer movies get sold out completely. Also, the days of using small drive-in window speakers are also gone - Warwick uses FM frequencies to broadcast the soundtrack to the movie you're watching right through your car speakers.

Drive-in History: Drive-in popularity peaked in 1950's and 60's. Interestingly enough, the popularity went away with the invention of the VCR - which meant quite simply that you can now watch a movie at home.

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